Cheaper, Cleaner, Greener, Safer Solutions

Located in Palisade, Colorado, Western Colorado Hemp Extractors offers a full range of extraction and refining services:

  • Testing of plant material during the growing period as well as the content of the finished CBD oil and other end products
  • Extraction with our 90-liter CO2 extractor that performs both “supercritical” and “subcritical” extraction.
  • Post-extraction refinement of CBD oil. Based on customer needs, we can produce a variety of formulations.

The extraction opportunities provided by carbon dioxide are endless! Our 90-liter Q-series CO2 extractor was manufactured by Vitalis Extraction Technology Inc., British Columbia, Canada. Vitalis is the manufacturer of the most sophisticated industrial liquid CO2 botanical extraction system in the world. With a strict focus on quality as well as a commitment to constant research and development, Vitalis provides certified CO2 extraction equipment that is re-defining the capabilities of traditional subcritical and supercritical extraction methodologies.